Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Blogging & Content Publishing

Web Blog,  it’s Look like a personal diary, save your memories & experience.. Like travel photos and so on… In general aspect its save online and view publicly.

Blogging is the most easy way to earn online.. while you enjoy travel and writing on your blog… YOUR Earning…Money Money.

Monetize a Blog – 

Ads are most ubiquitous form of income generator when it comes to most websites or blogs. In a nutshell, you earn money by displaying ads in your blog.

Google Adsense remains the most popular ad network although there are others, like Clicksor and Bidvetiser. You’ll encounter terms like PPC (Pay Per Click), CTR (Click Through Rate), and CPC (Cost Per Click) as you learn more about ads for websites and blogs.

How to Start a Blog

How much do you need to get started (capital and requirements)?

    • $12 – 13 /year for domain registration (via MHosting ), depending on the TLD you’re purchasing (.ph and tend to be more expensive than .com domains).
    • Hosting starts at $8 11 /month with Micehosting (hosting is the server where your website’s files will be stored). Suggestion use WordPress For Blogging, You can find a lot of Thames & Plugin can be use for personalizing your BLOG..  For Start-UP Try  Mice Web Hosting Website Builder, You can Integrate Google Ads. Start at $4 – Free SSL and Thousands of free images.
  • Passion for writing – back when I started, I spent 10-20 hours per week writing and marketing my blog.

Start NOW, BLOG Using our Website Builder New V8 With a lot feature and help grow your business.