Linux Hosting

Get started with Linux hosting

If you’re new to Linux hosting with cPanel, follow these basic steps to get started.

  1. Log in to your Mice Web Hosting account and go to your My Products page.
  2. If you haven’t set up your Linux hosting account yet, click Web Hosting, and next to your account click Set Up. Follow the instructions to set up your cPanel account.
  3. Use a FTP client to upload your files. Your hosting account uses public_html as the root directory for your primary domain. For more info, see Move my cPanel website with FTP and FileZilla.
  4. If you don’t have a website yet, install a content management system (CMS). A CMS is an application you can use to build a website and manage all its content. Some examples of CMS applications are WordPress, Drupal, and joomla. For more on uploading applications, see Install applications in cPanel hosting.
  5. After you have your site up and running, use cPanel backups, so you never have to worry about losing your site content. For more information, see Back up my website in cPanel hosting.

Frequently asked questions

After you purchase an SSL certificate, and activate the SSL credit, you need to request it for the website’s domain name (or “common name”) you want to secure with the SSL.

Request your certificate

If you have a hosting account somewhere else, but you want to move it to us (thank you!), we have all of the information you’ll need in this article. However, there are some complexities it doesn’t handle.

More Information Moving Your Site to Us

After you set up your hosting account, you can manage the domains it uses:

Other Datail and Info.